My Dad Can Fix the Fiscal Cliff

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The dreaded fiscal cliff is looming right around the corner. We survived the “end of the world,” ate our Christmas Gooses and now we’re hunkered down like little kids with a cup to the door, listening for our parents to decide which way they’re going on a big family decision; our parents being the government and the family decision being what the heck we’re going to do about this frustrating fiscal cliff. Democrats want to raise taxes. Republicans want to cut spending.

So, continuing the parental comparison, when I got my first job working at a sub shop, my dad went on broken record mode – repeating the same thing every day – telling me not to spend money I didn’t have. “Credit cards are dangerous,” he would say, “because they let you spend money you don’t have. Then, they charge you interest, and you end up in debt. Only spend what you have and always try to save a little.”

I remember his speech. How could I not? I got it every day. I also remember the first few times I spent too much on my credit card. Rules were meant to be broken, right? Wrong. Once I hit my credit card limit on Forever 21 tops and sweaters, and cheap cocktail rings, the stark reality set in. I had no money and no credit and no gas in my car. Daddy?

It seems so simple. Don’t spend money you don’t have. So, why is our president so set on continuing these entitlement programs when we are 16 trillion dollars in debt? That’s not okay. Obama says its our moral obligation to give everyone a fair chance. Now, I will agree that its important for people to live generous lives, but we can’t trust our government, far off at Capitol Hill, who don’t know us, our neighbors, or our stories, to distribute the money to these programs.

Raising taxes is only going to further cripple our economy. We’ve got to do what I did after my Forever 21 spending binge and go on a spending FREEZE. That means no more paying for medical procedures that are controversial enough to be called “child-murder” by half the country; controversial enough, even, for the president himself to say he’s “not sure when life begins.”

Democrats are saying that the entitlement programs are a way of all of us chipping in to help society. But, here’s a better idea. Let’s all work hard and earn what we have, in order to help society. Let’s close up the hole in our governments pocket.

Many people question the motives of young Republicans. It doesn’t seem to add up, that the poorest group in society (youth), who will only benefit from Obama’s programs, would be against them. I’m one of them. I’m far from loaded. I don’t have any millionaire friends I’m standing up for. It’s a matter of principal. It’s a matter of good stewardship. It’s doing the right thing.

Take a tip from my dad, Government. He’s a smart guy and he’s got a solution to the fiscal cliff. Stop spending money you don’t have. Simple.

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