Gun Owner, Sex Offender, What’s the Difference?

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Opening the mailbox to find a map of sex offenders in your neighborhood is unsettling. Have you ever gotten one and realized that one of those red dots was located just a few houses down? Eek. Don’t go to that guy for a cup of sugar. In Obama’s new”forward” America, we’re getting new maps with those same familiar red dots, but this time the dots represent gun owners.

While you were playing with your niece and wearing your Christmas sweater this week, New York’s Journal News, stirred up some controversy by publishing the names and addresses of all the legal gun owners in two New York counties. They published interactive digital maps, which makes it easy for anyone to find and visit the exact home of each gun owner.

One commentator on Fox News pointed out that the people who should be upset aren’t the gun owners in those counties, but rather the NON-gun owners. He said that being on this map is like having an ADT sticker on your window. When you purchase an alarm system, putting a sticker on the window warns predators that breaking in to your place won’t be a hayride. This map did just that for gun owners. It let all the crazies out there know that if they came looking for trouble, they’d be met by somebodies muzzle. I’m not a bad guy, but if I was, that would be a TURN.OFF. The editor who published this map really shot himself in the foot. He was attempting to exalt his anti-gun kin, but instead, he threw them under the bus – exposing the vulnerability of them and their families. This map gave all the sickos who walk by a newspaper stand or glance at a TV a map of prime, defenseless targets. It’s like saying, “Go to 123 Cherry Lane and you will NOT be met by any resistance. Pillage away!”

I’ll bet those non-gun owners aren’t too happy about this. I wonder if any of them are out right now, secretly arming themselves – like those earthy, hemp wearing vegans who binge on McDonalds burgers when nobody is watching.

It’s awfully popular, right now, to be all “peace” this and “tolerance” that. But, we cannot tolerate over government disrupting the peace anymore. Our heavily left government has people our age in a haze – thinking that rewriting our Constitution makes us all revolutionaries. The government keeps trying to move “forward” and change a system that they themselves have broken.

If we could all just put our activism down for a second and look back and history – and at that document we call our Constitution, which made us a free country, we would see that it doesn’t always make sense to go forward. When making important decisions, the wise thing to do is to look back. Look back at the rise and fall of nations – and see how they lost their freedoms. The less government we have, the more freedom. We are headed down a very dangerous road and the red dots are taking up more and more space on the map.

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