Conservative Sell Outs?

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selling out

With election results still a fresh blow for conservatives, pundits and politicians are at the drawing board trying to figure out what went wrong and how 2016 potential presidential candidates might appeal to a broader group of people without selling out.

Purebred Republicans who are fiscally and socially conservative across the board, cringe at the thought of compromising – and, rightly so.  If you subscribe to a Biblical moral code, choosing to be socially liberal to win an election is definitely a sell-out move.

But, of course, there do exist non-sell-out Republicans who have a socially liberal worldview.  Meghan McCain (yes, that’s John McCain’s daughter) says that standing behind gay marriage is a Republicans best bet for a comeback.  She, and people in her camp are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  I interviewed many young 20somethings prior to the election, who had Republican leanings, but voted for Obama because of the social issues.

But, there is more to it than gay marriage and abortion.  Likely 2016 presidential candidates like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio have discussed how the Republican party tends to only appeal to the wealthy – leaving out minorities that Rubio can relate to – who don’t want hand outs, but just simply want to earn enough money to support their families.  Rubio has an advantage there because he is a son of Cuban immigrants who started out with nothing.

Some libertarians have been urging Republicans to focus their efforts on promoting a hands-off government that is looser on social issues.

That strategy works great with people who are fine with gay marriage and abortion, but the problem with that suggestion is that the conservative Christian portion of the Republican Party makes their voting decisions based on a Biblical worldview, which makes it impossible to separate their religion from their politics.  And, that’s not putting them at fault.  I’m one of them.  If you believe that human life starts at conception, it would be absurd and immoral to support the murder of human life at any stage.  If you believe that God is clear in His Word about traditional marriage between a man and a woman, then it would be hypocritical to stand behind redefining that, in order to get a political victory.

The point being, if you cast your vote based on moral convictions and a particular worldview, there’s nothing anyone is going to say to change your mind.  Liberal democrats aren’t fighting for the votes of evangelicals and Conservatives aren’t striving for the votes of gay-rights activists.  It’s those in the middle.  It’s the split-opinion campers like Meghan McCain that the politicians want to woo.

This year’s election may have been so close because many people didn’t have black and white political opinions.  They were torn and voted based on which issues were most important to them, personally.   So, keep standing behind your convictions.  Don’t ever compromise your core beliefs for political gain, and pray that next election’s Republican candidate is someone that really does reach across the aisle without selling out.

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