A Young Patriots Political Christmas Wish List

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dear santa

At a time when President Obama is winning Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” title, and the country has clearly shifted from promoting freedom and morals to a “do what you want, when you want” culture, it is comforting to know that young conservative patriots exist – 20somethings who are determined to keep fighting for this country that our soldiers have given their lives for.

We asked all you young patriots what your political Christmas wish list was this year. Here were some of your answers:

  • To get Obama out of The White House which he is never really in
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Guns!
  • Armed guards in schools
  • A new president
  • A new congress
  • A new government
  • Ron Paul
  • No more debt
  • Fiscal cliff settlement
  • Piers Morgan deported
  • 2nd amendment rights
  • Smaller federal government
  • Plan to cut spending
  • No tax increases for anyone
  • No government involvement in corporations
  • A candidate that everybody can get behind in 4 years, because this division has to stop
  • Santorum 2016
  • One nation under God
  • President Rand Paul
  • Term limits on Congress
  • An impeachment hearing
  • A balanced budget

See?  We’re not doe-eyed idealists with unrealistic expectations, as some might expect.  We are informed and resolved and we have clear, realistic requests.  Remember that song, “Grown-up Christmas List?”  The lyrics say,

“No more lives torn apart, then wars would never start, and time would heal our hearts, and everyone would have a friend, and right would always win and love would never end – this is my grown-up Christmas list.”

We may be young, but we know that list isn’t possible this side of heaven.  We’ve got a plan and we’ve got a voice.  So, Santa, er Congress, will you help us out here?

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