The Divided States of America

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My heart is heavy.  And it’s not because I’m a sore loser.  If this life was all I had, I would be devastated right now, but as someone who believes in eternal life, I have confidence that my Heavenly Father has everything under control, even when it seems like the world is planted under a dark cloud.

I have Christian friends who voted for Obama that are tweet-touting their victory and calling conservatives “haters.”  I look through my Facebook feed with a sense of loss.  Loss of unity.  Those who fight for tolerance are some of the most intolerant among us – singling out Christians and fundamentalists as judgmental hatemongers.  I thank God for my friends and family members who are liberal, but who respect what I believe and choose to love me despite our differences, and I them.  But, there are so many others that I see online, and know that if they were to pass me, a conservative journalist, in the grocery store, they would sneer and walk the other direction.  It’s really sad.

We are The Divided States of America.  Gay-rights activists say they stand for equality and conservative pro-life activists ask where the equality is for the 50 million+ unborn babies who have been legally murdered in this country.  Everyone has their issue that hits home for them, because it’s personal.  Social issues are tearing us apart because you can’t separate your worldview from your politics.  And, right now, a conservative world-view is an unpopular one.

I numbly sat in front of my TV on Tuesday night, with one eye on my Facebook page, scrolling down through the comments.  We all have our little cliques now.  The clique rejoicing in four more years under Obama.  The clique that’s angry.  The clique that’s sad.  The clique that’s mocking.  The clique that’s silent and deciding to post things about the weather.  I know who most of my hundreds of Facebook Friends support.  I know what they stand for.  Sometimes their words hurt me.  Sometimes I want to defend my values.  Sometimes I’m afraid to.  Sometimes I ask myself what’s right – to defend my values or to keep the peace?

Wednesday night, Sean Hannity said, “We can’t give up the fight for the causes that we believe in and the country that we so love.  So, I suppose its fine if you want, take a few days, you can hang your head, you can feel sorry for yourself and the country.  Last night was a terrific body blow.  We all know it, but we need to recover. We need to dust ourselves off.  You need to get off the canvass and begin our work again, because we really don’t have a choice.  You know, we are not sunshine patriots.  The test of character is how we’re going to handle ourselves in the hard times and these are hard times, so we need to redouble our efforts.  We need to do more, not less.   And if anything, you know what?  History would say that we are unworthy of the gifts we’ve been given if we do anything less.”

For conservatives, this election was very important, but luckily, our president, despite his extremism, cannot destroy our country on his own.  We still have a voice in Congress and we still have the hope of great conservatives like Marco Rubio who could run in the future.

Here’s what to focus on today.  Whatever issue it is that you are passionate about is still an issue, and as of right this second, we still have the freedom to fight.   We can’t stop now.

My issue is abortion. We can still fight abortion.  Use this setback as something that will spring you to action.  Find out how and where you can volunteer at pregnancy centers by going to  Go talk to people outside of Planned Parenthood.  Get over your fear of being disliked and post some facts on your Facebook page.  Raise awareness.  I have always been against abortion, but there was a time in my life, where it was an evil so horrible to think about that I chose to ignore it.  Looking away from evil is just as bad as being an accomplice.

By all means, lets try to walk in peace with our friends and family that we disagree with.  Let’s continue to pray for and respect our leaders, but let’s also continue to fight the fight for freedom and for what we KNOW is right.

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  • Craig J. Houghton

    Regarding abortion – if you keep calling them “unborn” then why don’t we just get rid of abortion and allow women to induce child birth whenever they want. I mean if the fetus is a viable, living being on it’s own – then surely giving birth at 2 months of gestation vs 9 months shouldn’t matter. So no to abortion – and yes to elective induced childbirth on demand.

    • CavalierX

      Regarding abortion – if the test of a human being is whether the organism in question can live on its own, then why don’t we just let mothers “abort” their children up until the time they get their first job? More seriously, if aborting an unborn child is alright because it can’t live on its own, then why is it not acceptable to kill the old, the sick, the mentally ill – anyone, in fact, who is deemed a nuisance to or burden on another human being?

      • rangerbagel

        How about we simply prevent the unwanted pregnancy to begin with through substantive sex-education and easy access to birth control? I mean, all statistics show that those things are the most effective ways to reduce the abortion rate. Outlawing abortion actually makes the abortion rate go up. Seriously. If you favor outlawing abortion, you are actually encouraging more abortions, not less. So, is it about saving babies or is about penalizing women who have sex? People aren’t going to stop having recreational sex. It simply isn’t going to happen. So, if you genuinely want to save fetuses, then you’re going to have to accept comprehensive sex education and birth control. That is the only legitimate way to reduce the abortion rate.

        Give money to Planned Parenthood. No matter what you hear, they don’t get off on abortions. They want to *prevent* abortions by *preventing* unwanted pregnancies. Sound logical?

        • CavalierX

          Just answer me this one question: is it ever, EVER right to kill an unborn child (or, for that matter, any human being whatsoever) because its existence is inconvenient?

    • Jimmy Coshatt

      This is the dumbest comment of all time

  • Heather

    This is beautifully written and articulates so much of what I feel. I truly felt mocked by several people on Facebook when Obama won. Even though I like these people individually, there comments stung. And I too strugglw wiht whe nto speak up and when to stay quiet. I no longer will stay quiet on abortion, however. It truly is evil and no one can make me stay quiet about that, even “friends”. Thank you for your courage.

  • David E Coffill

    Our fellow Conservatives… are we going to
    give up because of a lost election? Of course not! So what now? We must
    begin to educate and inform millions more Americans as to why liberalism
    is wrong, teach them and show them why Conservatism is right and will
    provide everyone more freedom and a better life and future than govt.
    programs ever could. We know this to be true; all we have to do is reac
    one person at a time, then they teach one and so on….we can do it,
    and besides, we don’t have a choice! We are not going to let the
    liberals win the war! We lost a battle, so what? There are also 3
    million more Republicans that we must get motivated to vote in the
    future. If Gen. George Washington and the original Patriots gave up
    during that freezing winter after losing battle after battle, we would
    still be subjects of England! The fight starts again…now! Are you with
    us. Never give in!

    • Loffrey Wodring

      You’ve already lost the war. Unless conservatives accept gay marriage, pro choice and other issues you will continue to lose political power and numbers. You must adapt to modern society and morals or you will be left in the dark ages.

      • rangerbagel

        Cheesus Christ, why does this have to be a war?

  • Carol Daumer

    Amazing posting! I cried when I read this because this is what I would like to say to my friends and family but, just don’t have the talent to express myself the way you did here…..therefore, I just shared your posting! Thank you for being who you are and for inspiring me to continue the fight! God Bless YOU!

  • Laurie

    This is a beautiful post. You’ve summed up my life this week perfectly!

  • Anonymous

    Guess you never heard of the separation of church and state before…. Take your god out of the equation and you are left with nothing. Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion.

  • Heather Estes

    Obama is not an extremist by any stretch of the imagination. Neither was Mitt Romney until he ran for president and then changed all his viewpoints to try to get votes from the extremist tea partiers.

    • Jeremiah

      Extremists on both sides should be ignored. It’s the only way we can become united again.

  • rangerbagel

    If you want to end abortion, do you support wide-spread, easy access to birth control?

    • fliteking

      Not really, I support personal responsibility.

      • lawchiq

        How is using birth control not being responsible?

        • rangerbagel

          Seems like using birth control is actually incredibly personally responsible as it’s been shown to be the most effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and thus, abortions. So. Yeah.

  • Jeremiah

    I’m a liberal. Just putting it out there. I really hate it when people use names or insult others. I think the other side is ignorant when they do it, and I just feel damn embarrassed when people on my side do it. What we need is civil discourse. This is what makes America great – that we can all have different ideas and express them, while respecting the ideas and beliefs of others.

    Your issue may be abortion. I personally am pro-choice, but also don’t think abortion is a good thing. But what’s stopping us from working together on this? Contraception and sex education are what’s important here. Using this, we can together work to reduce the number of abortions. We need to come together as a nation and realise that issues are not black and white. That when we work together, we can find new solutions to problems.

    We should all aim to express ourselves calmly, clearly and thoughtfully, and then pay respect as others do the same.

  • Stacy Kristine Quick



    I also think some have made america a false idol… in that case maybe God sees fit to remove it from them. God will not tolerate false idols, as i’m sure you know

    for the recored, yes i love my country, i love being here, and i am as much an american as any tea party or republican.

    i also hate talk of assassinations. God wants us to pray that people get redeemed and change their ways, not for them to die in their sins.

    I hope you pray for the redemption of the lost.

    ive been stumped on what to do. i thought of carrying my flag around,
    but i think some believe i have no right to do that, tho i be american
    just like you… well preach it boldly then. the truth! not blame gay people,
    muslims, socialists, whatever, for the problems in the world. just blame
    mans sin nature.

    not done… i will endeavor to remind folks every time they miss a critical point on what the bible teaches.