Secession: Not Worth the Hype

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The last time states seceded was in the Civil War days. After the re-election of Barack Obama, the question of whether to secede or not to secede is very hot indeed.

According to the White House website, the state of Texas has over 86,000 signatures. The minimum amount of signatures needed for the government to review a petition is only 25,000. Is Texas really that serious about seceding?

Apparently so, because more than a dozen states have joined the cause of “peacefully seceding from the United States”. While most of these states have don’t nearly the signatures that Texas or even Louisiana has, it’s getting very serious. But how serious should we really take it?

I personally don’t think secession is a good idea. Secession is a cop-out for those people who think it’s the end of the world because President Obama was re-elected.

I would like to remind my fellow Republicans that it is not the end of the world. Although, it might as well be with our voting record this time. Three million Republican voters did not vote in the 2012 elections. How sad is that? Our base wasn’t energized with Romney or Ryan; that much was clear this year.

It’s these Republican non-voters who lost us the election. They are now running from problems instead of facing them head on. Secession is not the answer to our problem. Our problem is Barack Obama and his cronies.

This secession stuff is ridiculous. It’s not worth the effort. Besides, what happens when the Democrats team up against the secession movement and actually strip every one of their citizenship and perhaps exile everyone?

Hey, this is the Obama administration we’re talking about. They’ll do anything.

We need a better president than we had last time. Obviously this election plan didn’t work. Life is about facing our problems, not running away from them. This goes for Democrats as well as Republicans (although I’m pretty sure the Democrats know how to do this). Secession can’t be the answer to our problems.

I laugh at the people of Texas. I laugh at the people of Louisiana. Why on God’s green earth do you think this will work? It won’t. I love Texas. I love Louisiana. I know the states like the back of hand because I was born and raised twenty miles south of the Alabama line in Florida. But this secession business is not worth our time or money. Money would be better spent elsewhere, such as a PAC (political action committee).

I do believe in the American spirit. Many people don’t. I think it’s worth the effort to fight for what we believe in. We’re “We the People” after all, right?

Let’s fight to repeal and impeach this administration—or something like that. We don’t need four more years of debt. Four more years of cover-ups. It’s time to work. Again? Yes. Well, what else are we going to do?

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Emily Baxter is a 19-year-old college student with a passion for red velvet cupcakes. She loves sunshine, her iPhone, and online shopping, but isn't too happy about the political climate of our country. She finds solace with the hope that Obama won't "last forever." "Washington D.C. is magical if you take out Capitol Hill," says Emily.
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  • Lucius Von Dant

    Well if Obama keeps running us into the ground then it’s better to seceded and fight for the values that once made this country great then to wait 4 years and hope we can survive.

    • Emily Baxter

      The way I see it, if Obama publicly burns the Constitution on TV, THEN I’ll secede.

      • Emily Baxter

        Wait, that would make sense if the Constitution would be around, which it wouldn’t in this scenario. We’d just go to war.

  • Maggie Thelen

    The point of seceding isn’t to run away.

  • Pinquot

    This is kind of like discussing the merits of whether or not we should flap our arms and start flying. On the one hand, it’d be cool and energy efficient; on the other, it’d kill the aviation industry, new three-dimensional traffic laws would have to be written, and so forth. Fun, but kind of glosses over the main issue — secession, like people flying by flapping their arms, was never even sort of going to happen even a little bit; it’s literally impossible on a few levels.