Latinos swing vote

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Obama must be sitting pretty. Just landing another term after countless mistakes you’ve made has to feel pretty good. I wonder if Mr. Obama is popping open a bottle of bubbly laughing at the fact he came close to winning; let alone defeating his opponent. Then again, perhaps he expected that with Romney being the one to run against. To many of my friends were lounging at home thinking their party had the election in bag, and were completely flabbergasted and almost emotional when Obama stood victorious over my friends ‘knight in shining armor’.

I have to admit I was surprised that Obama won, it was a variable I didn’t expect. Until I clicked over to Huffington Post to see how the liberal media was glorifying their political king. And had a moment of revelation to how Obama had won. The Latino vote had swung the election without a doubt. Huffington quotes:

“Still, the election should give Obama a lift on that front. A strong showing among Hispanic voters lays the framework for the president to make a push for comprehensive immigration reform, or at least a scaled-down version, lest Republicans risk alienating a group of voters increasingly valuable to their electoral equation. And while president did buckle on the Bush tax cuts once before, he know he holds more chips now. They will expire across the board without his signature, after which he can craft a tax-cut package of his own.”

The PRB reports that due to the growing naturalization of Latinos in America (not through immigration) that the percent of Latinos is 40% in America. 31% percent are without health care, 23% are under the poverty line, and 13% are unemployed.

Obama is pushing immigration reform to make it easier to become a citizen in America. I’m sure at least 40% of the Latino population appreciated Obama for this gesture of kindness toward them. Obama-Care would seem very desirable for the 31% without any means of health care. And I’m sure the 13% percent would enjoy the welfare and food stamps they get free-of-charge. So figure Obama had the Latino vote undeniably. Romney never sounded very welcoming to our foreign neighbors, or at least in their eyes he didn’t.

One-in-three of Americans are on welfare; bringing the total to 1/3 of the population. That is astonishing, of course Obama was preaching about caring for the poor in America, and getting jobs to the needy. Etc.. Etc.. We’ve heard all this. However, we seemed in shock when Obama won. “How could anyone vote for Obama?!” I heard this phrase all this campaigning year long. But the answer is right there. How could these people not vote for Obama? For 40% it’s their only hope and income. For the 1/3 of Americans. Obama is the only way they can continue their lifestyles that they love so dearly. Romney was the hope for those who are looking forward, even then he barely that to them. Obama was the only hope for people who live from welfare check to welfare check.

I do want to say though, congratulations Mr. President. You certainly where pandering to the right crowd, brilliant campaign strategy for sure. I guess America will suffer the repercussions of your brilliant strategy.

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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