A Conservative Student’s Reaction to the 2012 Presidential Election

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Forward on the Ride

Submitted by Manabu Taketani

Rosy eyed, flowers bloom

Put on these shades and see what I do

Join me I implore you, join me for the ride

Can’t you just feel the pride of the great divide?

Don’t mind these bumps along the path

These are just hardships from the past

Onward and forward, let’s hurry along,

Lest you linger and see what’s truly wrong

See the smiles and hear the cheers?

I said exactly what they wanted to hear

That’s why they came to me don’t you know?

I provide a free ride after all

A voice of reasoning whispers in my ear

Toss the specs and see with eyes clear

Smiles and cheers now jeers and sneers

What first was rosy now appear clear

So please shed a tear for what you once held dear.

You went on the ride feeling tremendous pride

Now you find out you believed all the lies

You gave up clear eyes for rosy shades

Instead of full hearts you’re left with ace of spades.

We’re stuck on the ride while it lasts

Let’s hope for the best while it runs its path

I pray we don’t get stuck and of course get struck

But I don’t know about this lame duck.

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  • Pinquot

    On an apolitical note: I took an entry-level English course in which for a week we all brought in examples of bad poems and read them aloud (while amusing, this is also a fine way to learn to discern what is good about skillful, well-written poetry, by comparison.) This really would have wowed them. I hope even literate conservatives are able to be honest with themselves that this stinks.