A Canadian’s Perspective of “Free” Healthcare

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Canada - wait times

For those who think that Canada’s healthcare system is a more ideal way of doing things, I’m happy to let you in on a few things. We pay not only in tax money, but also in lost time and lack of care. We wait many hours in the ER waiting room with broken limbs, etc., only to be told there are no more beds available in our brand new, top-of-the-line hospital.

In my own case, I was a teenager hemorrhaging in ER and waited several hours until a doctor could finally see me. I waited another eight hours before I was treated. Since that time, I have been unable to deliver any of my children in my own city hospital because the maternity ward was shut down years ago, due to cut backs. I had to travel to another city while in labor. That was fun. And now, there are serious attempts to shut down the entire hospital altogether. No hospital for the city of Mission. A brand new hospital was opened in our sister city Abbotsford, and within a month of it’s opening, I read article upon article in the local newspaper of how it was over-congested, there weren’t enough beds, and patients were being transferred to yet other hospitals.

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Claire is an editor of the YoungPatriots website. A 20-something mom, her main concern is how the decisions made in government today will affect the lives of her children when they're her age. She believes passionately in a limited government, a charitable church and a peaceful personal life. In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.
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