What’s a Useful Idiot?

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What’s a Useful Idiot?

I heard my high school history teacher use the term, “useful idiot” in class once, and thought, “Wow…that’s pretty offensive.  Calling someone an idiot…” But, she taught us that the term “useful idiot” is not a burn.  Its political jargon that began in Soviet Russia – used to describe people who blindly supported Lenin and Stalin, unknowingly supporting the evils they committed. The term “useful idiots” refers to a specific group that makes political decisions in ignorance.

I could rattle off a list of names right now, some of my closest friends and family members, who are die-hard Obama supporters.  They have their reasons.  They know what they’re talking about.  They have studied his policies.  [Side note: visit barackobama.com and mittromney.com to read through policies]  They disagree with my beliefs on how government should function.  They favor a bigger government, where I favor a smaller government.  This article is not about them.

This article is about the uniformed voter.  There are many, many, many people in your circles and in my circles, who want the privilege of voting – and who want good things for themselves and their families, but who don’t care to go deep enough to research what they’re supporting.  If you have read up and agree with Obama’s plans and policies, then go vote for him.  More power to you!  But, just make sure that you’re voting because of beliefs and not because of a whim or a campaign ad, like this one.

In an article on this ad, Fox News said, “Critics have lambasted the spot, vetted and approved by President Obama’s campaign, calling it tasteless and inappropriate for the campaign to target young female voters with the sexual double entendre.”

In the video, Lena, the girl talking, closes saying, “My first time voting was amazing.  It was this line in the sand.  Before, I was a girl.  Now, I was a woman.  I went to the polling station.  I pulled back the curtain.  I voted Barack Obama.”

Girls everywhere who want to have sex with their boyfriends, or who are already doing it, will see this and think that Obama is so cool and in touch and progressive.  He’s telling them exactly what they want to hear and sprinkling in his agenda in a way that sounds enticing.

This ad is misleading.  The battle between the candidates isn’t even about whether or not birth control will be available to you – its about who will be paying for it.  Romney is not anti-birth control.  I’m not either.  In fact, I don’t know of any Republicans I know personally who have a problem with birth control.  Romney is against having ME pay for you to get birth control or, more importantly, an abortion – something that I consider to be morally wrong – something I am convinced is taking a human life.  If you are pro-choice, but you look at the issue through that lens, don’t you think it’s unfair to ask someone to pay for something that goes against his or her belief system?  Would you pay for someone to do something you were against, morally?

Hey, we’re young.  We’ve all been guilty of making rash and uniformed decisions about things.  It’s a part of growing up.  I know I’ve made decisions based off of what someone told me to do or what sounded good to me at the time, but a choice like this one is too important to be casual. It’s not something that you should do because Miley Cyrus did it.  Go chop your hair off and bleach it because Miley did it.  Tie an army jacket around your waist and buy combat boots.  But, don’t vote for the person she says to vote for, just because she’s cool. Make up your own mind.

A free pack of Yaz should not be what sways your decision.  Ask yourself this – who will lead this country fairly and who will get us out of this economic crisis and unite us?

If you still answer “Obama,” then you have my blessing.  We are so fortunate and blessed to live in a free country where we have a say in who runs our country and I am glad for you if you have strong opinions and are able to voice them and support them.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “Oh no…I think I’m being a useful idiot,” don’t sweat it!  It’s not too late to become a useful non-idiot!  Most all non-idiots were, at some point, idiotic.  Watch the news and read up on your choices.  Then, you will go from useful idiot to valuable American citizen.

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