Unity is the only way

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The world is in complete chaos. There’s rioting in Greece, civil war in Syria, conspiracy in Libya, The East is in crisis, Iran is moving toward nuclear capabilities, and there are ten days until we will have a new president of the United States to attempted to fix this awful mess.

All of us can clearly see that the world is simply falling apart. If you need proof, check the deficit. More then 14 trillion dollars in debt and rising. The Middle East is ready to strike at any moment. What is our president doing? Being the star guest on various talk shows and radio news broadcasts.

Libya is a major issue in trust currently. Our leaders knowing eight hours before the attack on the anniversary of 9/11 in Benghazi. Took no evasive actions to prevent our ambassadors and a few Navy Seals from being shot and killed by a mass riot of terrorist.

Our nation, and others are slipping through our fingers like sand. And we’re just watching it fall.

In my opinion, this election could decide the fate of America. Not because of what president America decides on. Because this year and through 2016. We will see what America is made of. Will we rise from the ashes? Or just wallow and cry in them?

Romney is the better option honestly, he may not be our savior riding a white steed, however he is a business man, he has detailed plans, ideas, and experience, he will help our economy, and even if the effect is not that drastic, do you think the person who has so frivolously wasted all our money would do better?

I will admit, I’m not a Romney fan. But America needs to quit being a bunch of whinny babies because the candidate you thought would do best isn’t sitting on the election ballot. Please start a revolution after these next four years are over. For the economy to be fixed, we need to work together. The mess we are in took many bad leaders; and even worse ideals to get into. One president will not fix this mess, the road to recovery will be a long and winding one, but it’s the one we need to take to fix this nation.

My Biology teacher opens every class with a prayer that includes “Lord I pray, that you would make us one nation under you. Not a president.” Even if you’re not Christian, you could see that when this nation is split by ideals. We start to fall apart. When everyone is looking out for only his own good, things get ugly. Unity and sacrifice are necessary to fix our problems. Whoever our president ends up being.

We will see in the coming weeks and next four years. Will America stand together to rise up and conquer our problems and our enemies? Or will we be left to ruin like the other great and powerful kingdoms before us? You decide America’s fate.

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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  • Susitna

    We should start the revolution next week in Ohio and move every single woman and man there to vote for Romney. Send e-mails, make calls or even plan some demonstrations, spread flyers, do whatever it takes to win Ohio for R & R!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr David Schirle

    Good for you! I enjoyed your comments and views. You are correct that conservatives did not pick Romney. We wanted others who had a very clear picture of what our republic should be, what our Fathers meant it to be, and what has given us true greatness. Out LIBERTY given to us by GOD. But it has recently occured to me that maybe we prayed for our country and our prayers were indeed answered. Many timesthe Lord sends someone to “help” but the people do not see that. A prophet is not recongnized in his own land. We payed for our Country. And what is the #1 issue facing our troubles land?? Our Financial House. Oh yes there are many other Problems that is for sure. But it is unquestioning that the #1 problem is $$. And so who do we get? No not a Thomas Jefferson or a Thomas Paine but a simple man who knows finance. A man who is boring for sure. But solid as an Oak Tree. A deeply dedicated and religious man. There is no doubt about that. A family man. A man who has made it on his own thru hard work.

    Yes it seems that the Lord may have very well sent us what we needed. As always the Lord answers our prayers and we do not always get what we want? But we always get what we need. Go bless you keep strong and keep writing. Yours in Christ. Dr David Schilre