Trash vs. Truth

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Arg!  So, a couple weeks ago, the big headline was Romney’s 47% comment – a series of comments made by Romney at a private fundraiser that were presented to the public in clips.  Anything can be made to sound badly in clips.  Now, I’m reading responses to Paul Ryan’s appearance on ‘Fox News Sunday’ and AGAIN with the clips!  If you’re Jay Leno, I can understand.  You use a 10-second snippet of a politician out of context.  It’s funny.  But, mainstream media…c’mon.  Y’all have no excuse.

Watch Paul Ryan on ‘Fox News Sunday’ in its entirety.  He does a fantastic job of sifting through the reporter’s non-essential questions and stating the facts – telling America what the Romney/Ryan campaign stands for – the differences in the policies – the information that America SHOULD focus on.

Instead of reading quotes on what he said about our President’s failing foreign policy, I’m reading articles from CNN, NBC, – where they are quoting one or two sentences that make Ryan look like he is whining about media bias and that he won’t explain the tax plan math because its too time consuming.  If you actually watch the interview, he does a great job of explaining the tax plan.  He may not have given out specific numbers, but if you just listen to his explanation, it makes sense.  Barack Obama gave out specific numbers last election- specific plans of cutting our deficit in half.  Did it happen?  No!  We’re worse off than we were before. I’d rather vote for someone who has a specific plan – not someone who throws out specific numbers and doesn’t follow through.

I have the utmost respect for people who do their research and disagree with my politics.  The people I can’t understand are the ones who will read the headline about Ryan not sharing specific numbers, fail to listen to his interview, and conclude that Romney/Ryan campaign has not given us detailed plans and therefore cannot be trusted.

An old friend of mine, Jonathan Hernandez Antuna, 26, is very smart and has his own political ideas.  His idealogy is very different than mine.  He claims to be “a little bit socialist on some issues,” but I really respect him, despite our differences.  He knows what he’s talking about and has reasons behind his voting choices.  He recently responded to an article posted on Facebook saying, “I believe in small, limited government OR a semi-socialist government.  What we have now is the worst of both worlds.  We should have public services for the amount of taxes we pay.  So, either cut taxes and have small government or provide us with services we all have access to with the taxes we already pay.”

I think Jonathan makes a great point.  I don’t have a problem with people like Jonathan.  We are supposed to live in a free country where we can voice our differing opinions.  I have a problem with people who will vote for a president simply because he’s got “swag,” or because he’s giving them a free phone, or because of his ethnicity.

There is something to be said for watching a candidate react to current events and yes, we should pay attention to the news, but don’t just skim the headlines.  Read about whats going on and be able to separate the truth from the trash.  If you’re still on the fence, do your research.  Read the news thoroughly.  Read opinion pieces (like this one!)  and try to get a good taste of both sides.  Visit  Visit  Visit the network of sites from Liberty Alliance.  Read about policy.  Learn about what each candidate stands for and decide who you want to run your country based on the facts, not based on whether or not the media is making them out to be the good guy or the bad guy this week.

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