The Blur of Choice and Freedom

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We as a people have let our own definition of freedom become the standard we hold ourselves and other people accountable too. When in reality, none of us even have a straight answer for how we define freedom. More often than not, we say choices are freedom. Or that being able to do as you wish without restraint. This could not be farther away from the true definition.

Think in these terms, if you give a teenage girl a choice between abortion and giving birth, is this freedom for the child? The fetus has no choice in that situation. And could lose the chance at life.

In another scenario, you give a jobless person a choice between finding a new job or receiving a Welfare check at the expense of the tax payers wallets. Is this freedom for the tax payer?

We can determine that choice and freedom are not the same things. Or related by any means. Choice is slave to consequence, abortion has many negative health effects, emotionally and physically. The lazy man taking the money from the working man is causing our economy to crumble under it’s own footholds.

This comes to the issue of what freedom is. The book of Exodus is about freedom and in my opinion, the standard for freedom. The Israelites where captive to Egypt, Moses lead them through the desert where they wandered for forty years because of there disobedience to there Lord. The Lord had provided for them all they needed, yet His people broke His laws. Eventually they made it to the promised land after trials and tribulations. They were freed from the Egyptians, but now enslaved to the laws and requirements of there Lord. They simply switched their servanthood over. However they switched over from an immoral, violent, and cruel master. To a just, providing, loving God.

1st Peter teaches us of submission. That we use the freedom that Christ gave us, and make ourselves slaves to Christ, and too our brothers and sisters. How we fantasizes freedom is dead wrong. We are never going to be “free” in this universe. (whoever you believe created it). There is a consequence for every action. You can’t deny that if you step in front of a car, you will be hit by it. You can’t reshape that cars molecules to move around you. You will be hit, and most likely die.

We’re all captive slaves, but it’s who we’re captive to is the question of true freedom.

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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