Taliban Terrorists Promise 2nd Attempt on Malala, 14 Year Old Pakistani Girl

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Pakistanis attend a rally condemning the Taliban's attack on Malala Yousafzai

Angered by coverage given to the shooting of 14 year old women’s right to education activist Malala Yousafazai, the Taliban is at again: this time threatening journalists, the girl’s father and promises on their second attempt they’ll finish the job on her as well.

Women Against Sharia points out that Malala’s father was one of the few schools that defied the Taliban by keeping it’s doors open to girls after they gained a foothold in her region in 2009. Malala wrote for the BBC, gaining her both national and international fame.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, the first woman to hold that job, said Sunday that she thinks the shooting marked a “turning point” in the ferocity of how Pakistan goes after Taliban offenders and extremist groups. In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Khar said that at least 100 arrests have been made so far.

“In Pakistan today, Malala Yousafzai has probably done what many military operations could also not achieve: she has put it as a black-and-white question: either you’re with the future that Malala represents or you are with the future that they are trying to impose.”

People have been unusually outspoken in their condemnation of the Taliban over the attempted killing. Photograph: Sajjad/ Sajjad/Xinhua Press/Corbis

“We have a clear-cut stance. Anyone who takes side with the government against us will have to die at our hands,” Taliban spokesman Sirajuddin Ahmad warned. “You will see. Other important people will soon become victims.”

Today, stirred by the braveheart, who dared to stand up to the Taliban, and her friends, Shazia and Kainat, who refused to identify her even under threat, girls across Pakistan are saying ‘I am Malala.’ The refrain across the country is “how many Malalas will you kill?’’ As daily vigils are being organised to pray for the speedy recovery of Malala and her friends, girls were coming forward; willing to stand up and be counted.

Her classmate from the Khushal Public School in Mingora, asserted: “Every girl in Swat is Malala. We will educate ourselves. We will win. They can’t defeat us.”

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