Review: The Hope and The Change

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hope and change

The Hope and the Change is a head nodding, “amen, brother” inducing, victory fist-pumping (at least, that was my response) documentary following the journey of 40 Democrats and Independents that voted for Obama in 2008.  The movie begins with footage of election night – the teary, awe-filled crowd – practically worshipping Obama.  It documents the letdowns of these 40 of ex-supporters.

One of the Democrats interviewed in the film said, “Someone comes along and says, ‘I can make you happy.’  If you’re drowning, and someone says that they can save you, you don’t ask, ‘How are you going to do it?’  You say, ‘Save me!’”

Obama oozes charisma and vitality.  One woman said he was her “knight in shining armor.”  He promised the hope and the change that America longed for.  But, it wasn’t long before he lost the respect of many of his loyal Democratic followers.

The movie hit all the hot topics – one of them being unemployment.  One man mentioned a close friend of his who was getting paid by the government for unemployment for 2 years.  His friend figured, “I could work, but I’ll only make a little more than what the government will give me…so I’ll just apply to jobs I can’t get or don’t want and stay home with my Cheetos.”

Supporters were left scratching their heads when Obama won the Nobel Prize – when our heavily debt-ridden government gave out a 787 billion dollar stimulus package – when other countries began losing respect for the U.S. because the President showed more weakness than strength – when time and time again, Obama’s words and actions just didn’t line up.

Remember when that YouTube video came out of celebrities saying they pledged their allegiance to Obama?  Apparently, Republicans weren’t the only ones who thought that was creeptastic.

From the mouths of life-long Democrats, Obama did the opposite of bringing this country together.  He divided America based on religion, class (rich people are bad), gender (war on women?), sexual preference, race (Trevon), etc.

One of the Dems said, “It’s almost like buyers remorse,” wishing you could go back to the 2008 polls and undo that check box.

Politics are divisive – no big surprise there.  I’m sure y’all could easily conjure up a mental list of your Republican and Democrat FaceBook Friends. The Republicans are for Romney and the Democrats are for Obama…duh!  But, shouldn’t it tell you something if there are a large number of Democrats for Romney – a candidate whose policies do not match up with the Democratic ideal?

The Hope and The Change is a great flick for everyone – across party lines.  Even if you plan on voting for O, watch this video of people who are like-minded – people who are pro-choice and pro-Obamacare.  Listen to their opinion.  Lord knows you don’t want nuthin’ to do with mine!

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  • a1NannaGail2u

    Why in the world would ANYONE just say SAVE ME, when someone just tells them “THEY CAN SAVE THEM”, without any specifics as to HOW they would do so? Anyone with a brain, would automatically say, “OK, I’m listening, tell me EXACTLY what you are going TO DO, to SAVE ME!”. If you don’t get the specifics on what, when, where, why and HOW, then THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SAVE YOU.
    Personally, I am a little nervous of even Romney/Ryan team, because I DID send an e-mail to his campaign asking Mr. Romney, to send me a detailed explanation of his POLICIES and ideas. I got NO REPLY. However, he DID a few days later, start telling some of his and Paul Ryan’s ideas on what they could and probably would do and that has helped me over come some of my fears. Never the less, I am still nervous.
    Like everyone else, my family and I have been through hell the past four years and, although we have been luckier than a lot and been able to at least keep our home, have lost almost everything else.
    I am currently arguing with my husband, because he wants to “Write In” his candidate (s), both for President and for both HOUSES.
    Please folks, don’t “write in” a candidate who has NO CHANCE TO WIN. That would be giving a vote to obammy.
    If the votes turn out to be tied, there will have to be a recount, which would take days, maybe even weeks, and if it is still tied or even extremely close, the election goes to the INCUMBENT and we ALL know who that is and what it will mean.

  • siquijorisland

    sounds like a movie I should see.

  • insaney

    So where do I get this DVD? Anyone know?

    • CarlyDHill

      visit or check your TV listings. They’re playing it on Tv now. 🙂