Paul Ryan: An Appeal to GenX Voters

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The first Gen Xers were eligible to vote for Reagan’s second term at the height of his popularity and his conservative dogma. Younger voters for Reagan, the oldest U.S. president ever inaugurated, were among his strongest supporters.

It was not known then that Reagan’s political aura and his mantra for smaller government and lower taxes would endure well into the next century. Nostalgia for Reagan is still powerful. His views remain a litmus test for Conservatives seeking  office. We’ve seen the phenomena again with Ron Paul – the oldest candidate with a high percentage of young voters.

Paul Ryan is resonating with the generation born in the ’80’s. The high unemployment rates in today’s younger generation is also making the Romney/Ryan duo’s reform plans more appealing.

“College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life,” Ryan said to a cheering audience. “Everyone who feels stuck in the Obama economy is right to focus on the here and now. And I hope you understand this too, if you’re feeling left out or passed by: You have not failed, your leaders have failed you,” he said.


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Claire is an editor of the YoungPatriots website. A 20-something mom, her main concern is how the decisions made in government today will affect the lives of her children when they're her age. She believes passionately in a limited government, a charitable church and a peaceful personal life. In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.
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