Obama’s New Communist Campaign Ad

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A response to the new “attack ad” against Romney found on Yahoo! News published by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Yahoo! recently posted an article about Obama’s new “attack ad”, featuring Richard Hayes, a sanitation worker.

“A labor union that supports President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has released an attack ad that features a sanitation worker collecting trash outside Mitt Romney’s multimillion-dollar California mansion…”

Hayes states in the video,
“…he doesn’t realize, you know, that the service we provide, you know, if it wasn’t for us, you know, it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash.”

This is the typical workers union propaganda; straw-man the enemy and appeal to your audience through emotional driven argumentation. No one knows if Romney doesn’t care for the health of this man, but the liberal mindset is ‘If we make people think Romney doesn’t care about this man’s health, then we can secure votes.’ The ad makes it’s agenda clear; compensation and wealth redistribution. I mean, what else could this ad be declaring, that they want a formal statement from Romney that he appreciates the sanitation workers? No, this ad demands that sanitation workers be given some sort of compensation for their labor, whether it be better health care or increased wages. This kind of communist thinking is pervasive within the public and private schools of America and this man is just what they produce.

I must ask then, who is going to pick up the trash then? It’s the government that prevents the individual from burning their own garbage, forcing us to use sanitation services. It’s the government that says, ‘No, you can’t dump garbage in your own yard’. The fact that Richard Hayes even participated in this ad shows his self-centered attitude; he thinks he deserves compensation for his physically intensive work.

Look, he took the job knowing the physical labor involved; what did Richard expect? Our bodies take a toll from any job we perform, even the rich with their stocks and investments. The “Wall Streeters” take even greater risks than Richard, as they can lose much more money than the average middle class worker, so do they deserve some sort of compensation as well? It’s this kind of baseless, collectivist mindset that has caused people to become lazy and discontent. We have opportunities to better ourselves, yet there are some that don’t have a drive to do that so they run to the State. The State then exercises the sword and forces the other workers to cough up their income to help out Richard and the other sanitation workers.

But how far do we go with these compensations and how do we dictate what job is worthy of compensation? Because these sort of compensations this ad advocates has no objective standard, it really doesn’t stop until everyone is compensated by the State; that’s communism. Look, I understand that people are homeless, abandoned and working labor intensive jobs, but the State is not the answer. If any entity should play the role of charity it’s the church. And think about it, until we have machines that can perform this hard labor, then people have to do it. People like Richard expects the government to create jobs, yet this sanitation job is too hard and should benefit through compensation? Absolutely not. The entire push of Obama’s campaign is to appease a lazy population through ‘revolution’ because they deserve it. It’s communism folks and we better get rid of it fast.

I’ll say this in conclusion, it’s not just the democratic party that passes bills like this, the republican party has been invaded as well. The republican party used to be the party that would get us out of wars, yet they’re the one’s starting them. The republican party used to protect our freedom, yet they passed the Patriot Act. We need to replace the republican party with true conservatives who refuse a bride and hold true to their principles, not abandon them for profit. It starts locally; individuals like me an you, the reader, are the seed sowers. We need to stop being silent about these issues, bring them to light and have answers for how to fix them.

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Evan Wheeler is a seminary student at The North American Reformed Seminary and a part-time evangelist, seeking support to be full-time. Evan says, "I hope to be used by God to glorify Him in all things and that everything I write and say be pleasing in His sight."
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