New Obama Ad: “It’s Like Your First Time”

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New Obama Ad: “It’s Like Your First Time”

Hey, I can see the logic (if you can call it that). You’ve got to appeal to that famous “youth vote” while also doing something to reverse the trend that sees women breaking big for Romney. So what do you tell them? That it’s “super uncool” to vote for Romney and, as a girl, a vote for Obama once cast turns you into “a woman.”

Really? This is what we’re resorting to? I’m honestly disgusted.

First: Who the heck is she? Second: What the heck is she SAYING?

If you’re unfamiliar with the name Lena Dunham, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Apparently, she’s an up-and-coming actress and the creator of an HBO show called “Girls” (yeah, I’ve never heard of it either).

But what does the ad title mean? We’re trying — Oh. Wait. Seriously, Team Obama?

Just so we’re absolutely clear: The ad kinda’-sorta’ jokingly equates voting for President Obama with losing one’s virginity. No, really. To that “really, nice guy” who isn’t Romney. Huh?

Meanwhile, the federal government has finally topped $16 trillion in debt, millions of Americans are out of work including the highest percentage of people under age 30 than ever tracked, the Middle East is on fire, the eurozone is in shambles, and dependency on food stamps is at an all-time high. Gas prices are soaring, college tuition is rising as fast as student loan debt, we can’t get jobs once graduated. But, you know, whatever. Free birth control is all that really matters apparently.

Read more about this “worst ad ever” at The

Interestingly enough, Communist Dictator (and genocide-issuing terrorist) Putin had a similar ad earlier this year. Guess the two buddies have been learning a lot from each other….

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Claire is an editor of the YoungPatriots website. A 20-something mom, her main concern is how the decisions made in government today will affect the lives of her children when they're her age. She believes passionately in a limited government, a charitable church and a peaceful personal life. In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.
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  • insaney

    Boy, he’s really grabbing at straws, now.

    • BUD


  • FLChristyB

    That has got to be the stupidest ad I have every seen…talk about making young women sound like idiots….whoever came up with this should be slapped…or thanked…

    • stillcan’tdecide

      Kudos! Kudos! You are so right. Who is this and was she just playing a part? Get Real! Such a waste of space.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        I like the way you said that “Just playing a part” Has anyone ever bothered to count up all the ads Obama has done using actors?

        • bakedude

          And Obama is “playing the part” of President, and not doing a very good job at it either. A not suprisingly new low from the Obama campaign! Their new low should be at the street level now if not a little lower. They can’t go too much lower cuz they will end up in hell!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    I think they need to air this ad in all 57 states…non-stop between now and the election. Let American women see his arrogance and his lack of care for anything other than their vote. What a demeaning, condescending ad!! (But then again, look who approved it).. He really, really has to go. Get out and vote on Nov. 6th!!!

    • Colleen Smith

      I believe with all my heart that he should not have any more access to the WH. It is a threat to allow him to stay there now better yet after the elections. I do believe he and Hillary need to be sequestered. Give him a nice hotel room to prevent him from crying.

  • Samurai_Sam

    I think it is an excellent ad! Now she can claim she is no longer a virgin! only problem is she just f#!@*ked herself!

    • rosscoo

      Best comment ever

    • DiogenesPrime

      You could achieve the same status by being raped.

      • Samurai_Sam

        She doesn’t know it but she was

    • umreb78

      Good thing for her she can do herself. My son saw this and said “I wouldn’t do her with your d***”. Seriously, I agree this should be run in all 50 states…Most people, even the Barry detractors, are unaware of just how devoid of ALL principles and values the Comrade in Chief and all his Chicago thugs really are. These people are completely despicable!! So looking forward to Barry and his Amazon leaving America’s WH for the last time…Hope Mitt thinks to fumigate the place.


    Democrats really do depend on voters being so naive & gullible that they are enticing them via sexual references. This is a sad state of affairs for that party.

    • rosscoo

      You are so right … “The liberal agenda cannot long survive if citizens are truly educated” …. and this girl needs to get educated!

    • JimLane

      It’s a sad state of affairs for the country also.

  • Irma

    Isn’t that a “tramp stamp” that she has on her shoulder?!! Not too smart getting that tattoo – I’m a cancer survivor, and while going through all the steps at the hospital (mammograms, x-rays, MRI, pokes and prods, I was asked if I had any “tats” (which I do not) because had I had any, it would have COMPLICATED the necessary procedures for my successful treatment. Among other things, the ink acts as a poison when going through radiation. This twit is stupid, stupid, stupid!

  • loonstotheleftofme

    Wait a minute. This guy has two daughters just now coming of age. Is this the message he wants them to see? “Hey, girls,” their dad is saying, “voting for me is like having sex for the first time.” That’s plain creepy, disgusting and weird. I took my daughter and a friend of hers to vote for the first time earlier this month, and after they each cast their ballots, a poll worker announced: “This young lady just voted for the first time!” and everyone applauded. When this Lena girl had sex the first time, did someone say, “This young lady just had sex for the first time!” and then a crowd of people applaud? Talk about a flailing campaign for a failing presidency in the throes of desperation. What an insult to the women. Democrats don’t see women. They see vaginas. They think that women are not concerned about having a job, being faced with crushing student loan debt, finding their money worth less and less as the government prints money endlessly through quantitative easing, our country being a laughingstock around the world, etc. No, they think women are only interested in sex, period. Loss of virginity, abortion on demand, free birth control – that’s all they think women are interested in. How pathetic.

    • karenm

      loonstotheleftofme- you hit the nail on the head and I hope when you took your daughter and her friend to vote the machines didn’t automatically record a vote for Obama/Biden as they seem to have been doing on some cities…..Yes this ad exemplifies double standards -just like the whole Obama campaign seems to be focused on dividing us based on financial status and race it is also denegrating women in so many ways. ( visualize the Code Pink costumes) Unfortunately “the system” has been providing free stuff for a growing population of women who give the rest of us a bad name by simply taking advantage of all the freebies to create more kids, to abort inconvenient pregnancies and to be supported by the rest of us…and by the way…even if they get free birth control they do not seem to use it correctly. They know how to play the system. This is the kind of behavior that reduces us to being perceived as “vaginas” rather than equal human beings. This girl did not come across as a bright young woman but as a sleazy kid spewing sexual innuendos about something as important as voting for the first time..or any time. Just sick.

  • BUD


  • Anthony Alexander

    The video shows EXACTLY the kind of people who vote for Obama who
    have bad judgment and discernment skills. First clue, to bad judgment….a TATOO
    on her arm like some convict. So if bad judgment exists to paint oneself like
    some banana republic islander or prison convict that same poor judgment
    gravitates to other areas of their lives, like having children on one night
    stands, looking for angles to collect social welfare without working or doing a
    lot. Socialized medicine to pay for the abortions and her pap smears while she
    wanders like a stray cat from man to man… Have mindless jobs like convenient
    store clerk, when her real potential ( at being a productive member of society)
    remains untapped due to her lazy victimization attitude keep them in mindless jobs. You would not see a professional person her age behaving like that because those professional young people are the exception than the rule. The mannerisms of the mindless brainwashed verbal
    justifications that she spews out have no factual backup to make an intelligent
    argument of her position, just a mindless parrot repeating themselves like
    Obama has done since 2008. These young people are starting to become the
    majority of average Americans who have their head up their A__. They are NOT
    aware of their surroundings. Just so long as they get their basic needs met of food, shelter and their cell phone never wanting to improve their basic needs. They just hand on a financial thread living hand to mouth. They are easily bought off and silences by the mainstream media.
    Mainstream media I mean is taken in a larger context. It is a DIVERSION away
    from the real on goings. The average American is fed junk yellow journalism (junk
    journalism) to brain wash and manipulate. Couple that with their head into their GD “smart” phone , waiting for the next generation of phone, wondering what kind of tattoo to get, watching reality TV that glamourizes decadence, stuffing their fat faces with junk food they just drift and wander unaware. Joseph Goebbels would have been awe struck and proud. This woman and many like her are redundant blobs of protoplasm…

  • JoanBarry

    Appears to be aimed at the mindless “Occupy” crowd. Obama’s been passing out the “kool-aid” to college kids, and now is aiming at the naive high school graduates (18-20) who don’t know anything about his socialist Marxist ideology or agenda, to make their first vote ever a vote for him. An outrageous ad along with the media’s desensification of our youth.

  • SilkyWiley

    Ok, that commercial was really creepy.

  • stillcan’tdecide

    Don’t hold this ad against all women. I for one thinks it is really, really stupid. Remember, you can’t fix “STUPID”.

    • aberdeem

      Thank you

      • willowa

        I agree, but you can vote it out of office!

  • ShaneBarber

    THE SINGLE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. Not co-incidentally, produced on behalf of the single dumbest president I’ve ever seen, by people who are equally as intellectually challened as Ms. Dunham and the poser-in-chief. The funny thing is, she doesn’t even realize how dumb she is.

  • conjos

    When I saw this ad I was watching it with my best friend. We’re both females and consider ourselves to be conservative to somewhat moderate. We looked at each other and said in unison. Obama is desperate. This is nothing more than a slit ad!

  • deseartu

    Sam I couldn’t of said it any better! We have a saying in the insurance industry “You Can’t Fix Stupid!” There you go! Now she is trying to make us smart woman look like we are all air heads like her ignorant exclaims! Just goes to show she is Not a Woman! And they wonder why College Boys like us Cougars! Roar! Listen young girls who might get to vote – find a real role model like your own Mother or grandmother….she is useless!

    • rosscoo

      So right …. when did I need an idealistic little girl like that even attempting to talk about “being a woman” …. it insults me and all the rest of the real women in thIs country who have worked and sacrificed their whole lives to know what it truly means to “BE A WOMAN”

  • Hawker 1

    Says a lot about how the progressives feel about the young women voters.

  • netmindr

    That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

    No wonder our youth doesn’t want to think or be productive. Not when you can get anything you would ever need or want from the government, who by the way, gets everything it has to pass out from the productive part of society.

  • Southern Girl

    I hope these “Young Patriots” can recruit many more youth and educate them about true patriotism and the American way.

    • rosscoo

      Young Patriots?!!! I am a southern woman too and find that description of her very insulting … you’ve been drinking the koolade too, girl

      • USAForever48

        Young Patriots is the name of this website that showed you the ad. This ad is not descriptive of young patriots. None of the young people I know are voting for BHO. And I most assuredly would classify my young neighbors and friends as patriots.

      • Lee Baldwin

        Right! ~THAT was no PATRIOT !!! ~as part of Obama’s occupy crowd, she isn’t even qualified to be American.

  • Joe the Christian.

    Ah, the utter bliss of being an ignorant youth. I wonder if she lives with her parents. I’ll bet she does. She didn’t vote for real issues. She won’t this time either. She voted for a color, and will do so again. Gee, how intelligent is that? She doesn’t care that Obama lied about Libya. It wasn’t because of a protest over a video. Little girl, can you say terrorist, that’s t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t. They have the mortars and RPGs to break into a compound and kill U.S. Ambassadors. Little girl, do you even care that Obama poured billions into failed green energy companies? How about killing the jobs of coal workers? How about the huge electric bills coming to those who live in areas that have coal fired electrical generating plants? How about the elderly who will die during the summer because they can’t afford air conditioning. Of course you don’t. You’re a shallow and ignorant little girl who is so cool because she voted for a color, rather than what he said. Remember when Obama said that energy priced would necessarily skyrocket because of this? Of course you don’t. Did you hear him say that gas was $1.80, a $1.86 because the economy was on the verge of collapse? That meant that he thinks the high prices we now pay for gas is good. I’ll bet that just whizzed in one ear and out the other. Of course you didn’t care.

    Let’s face it, you’re more concerned with gay marriages, than important things, like say, eating. Mommy and daddy can’t feed you if the economy fails. Can you say economic collapse? No, I’ll bet you can’t. Why can’t you. Because it wasn’t written on the cards you read while sucking up to the fraud in chief. You call him President. We call him a fraudulent liar with delusions of grandeur. Can you say narcissist? Sure you can, it’s Obama, that’s O-b-a m-a.

  • rosscoo

    Oh Lord, please let this ad disgust ALL women as much as it did me …

    • Aristophanes

      If you found this ad really disgusting and condescending – then it disgusted me as much as you. Commenting about sex instead of the really important issues that obozo has chosen to ignore? This ad not only disgusts me, it makes me rather angry!! Condescension and arrogance really makes me angry and obozo has an abundance of both.

  • Aristophanes

    Are you kidding me? This is so pathetic. She is a woman because she voted? Please!!! This is so dumb in so many ways!! obozo really is getting desperate!!

  • ron3865

    If that ad gets someone to vote that vote should not count. If there is an award for stupid political ads that one wins first through third.

  • Charles Ross

    Just sick and (although this will seem like profiling) it seems to be coming from a lesbian. This administration is reckless and lacks any sense of moral character.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    For this I hope his whole campaign implodes….and Romney wins by a landslide….we don’t need a “rockstar personality” for President… we need a person who will do the job and get it right the first time!

  • Sondra Bauernfeind

    How does this ad have anything to do with voting ? Is this ad similar to the one for Putin ? How does this relate to voting? Whoever thought this ad up has a sick mind…… Certainly has a sharia law aspect about the worth of women. Very offensive to the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. We are not a third world country yet, no matter how hard Obama is trying to destroy America. VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012.

  • politiciansRfoolPuppets

    Obama is a waste of Oxygen, just like this ad…

  • raynbene

    I could only watch 30 sec. of this valley-girl libspeak, or what ever it is – are there still valley girls ?? She sounds like one – what happened to the adults in this country ?? She will not be one for many years, if at all ! !! It’s no wonder kids like her don’t like Romney, who is probably the most articulate man we have had run for President in sometime – she needs a rock star, or someone she can idolize or be memerized by him. Why can’t these kids THINK and see what’s really happening ?? My 12 year old is far more perceptive than this child ! !
    THIS is the prototype obuma voter ! ! And I can’t wait to vote him OUT in 10 days ! ! !

  • politiciansRfoolPuppets

    This makes me laugh, and honestly I try not to waste any time listening to ANY political crap because it’s all a waste of time as long as the Federal Reserve exists. They have all the power and the politicians are just puppets whether they like it or not…
    The Plan… End the Fed, kick out the UN off our soil, shut down ALL non-essential federal dept (especially IRS and use flat tax of 15% for business, no Fed income tax, Energy, Edu, and DHS/TSA), Don’t pay the IMF anymore, NO foreign aid, close all bases around the world sans about 3 – 4 in allied countries for strategic defense reasons, all troops home and seal our borders. Cut congress’ pay in half, no pensions, make it a part time job like it used to be). ETC….

    • JimLane

      AMEN! and AMEN!

  • LuckyLady64

    This one is so low, I thought O couldn’t get much lower, I was wrong. This is an insult to women. This empty-headed (so called celebrity) will influence some young people; Obama Zombies who don’t have a clue. Its a shame that people are selling their votes and future, for a $9:00 monthly supply of birth control pills or a free cell phone. I hope she is using BC. We don’t need her to reproduce! I am tired of this administration funding Planned Parenthood with my tax dollars. Time for a CHANGE!!!! Vote Romney & Ryan, two men who believe in family values.

  • Brenda

    Inuendo sells. This girl has a serious problem. Ninty per cent of what she spouted was untrue.

  • LibsAreSick

    Remember that Hollywood has a majority of LIBERALS who think this ad is “so cool.” A very stupid actress talking nonsense! Great ad, Team Obama. Airing it will definitely help ROMNEY!!!

  • IM8888


  • vcbpalum

    I loved it…..the nail in the coffin!



  • B Shaffer

    I’m either going to puke or laugh my ass off! Really? Is that NOT insulting to college students or young adults? She has GOT to be the laughing stock of her town. I think I’m gonna find her on Facebook and ask her some questions: Exactly HOW did you get into college?

  • RuPrayn2


  • Gman

    What I picked up on was look at the name of the girl, Lena Dunham. Isn’t it odd that Obama’s mother’s maiden last name is also Dunham? Ann Dunham. So if mom sounded like she loved doing many men when young Barry was a boy, maybe this little slut reminds Barry of old mom.

  • Dr. Pepper MD

    She wants to have $ex with the first gay president, God help her, she is a sick puppy, bipolar, manic depressant, and a touch of schizophrenia. Is she able to think far enough ahead to understand the consequences of an ugly red diaper baby?

  • Aryton Senna

    Eliminate this Narcissist Sociopath illegal immigrant Muslim psychotic Idiot and his entire ship of fools!

  • kick

    very strange…I’m glad that’s not my daughter

  • kick

    Is she related to Obama? Dunham?

  • jamesy

    Russian Virgins? an oxymoron to go with the ACTUAL moron

  • jamesy

    “I voted for Barack Obama” be sure to put that in her obituary. stooopuhd