Mitt and Obama: Let’s Hashtag This Out

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Can it just be November 6th already?  I think I’m getting an ulcer.

Lucky for my stomach lining, last night’s debate was far less of a nail biter than the others have been.  Both men were seated and the heated interruptions were fewer.  But, at this point, I think we’re all tired of defending our positions.  We’re sick of the bickering and ready to see new headline updates on our iPhones.  Updates about Baby Hippos and Recalled Cold Medicine.

I’m know I’m  young, but the swift swell of social media has me feeling old!  My 9-year-old cousin is Instagramming on his iPhone, and I remember doing book reports with World Book Encyclopedia – [the non-digital World Book].  Watching an event like the Presidential Debate with my friends from all over the country and all my favorite comedians was made possible by the magical wonders of social media.  This was the first debate I was able to watch in real time (the others, I recorded and watched later), so I had one eye on the TV and the other on the Twitterverse.  I began the debate tweeting, “Social media is grand. Feels like I’m watching the debate with all my friends from all over. Enjoying every snarky comment ‪#debatebonding.”

But, it wasn’t long before snarky comments became angry declarations.  I have my strong opinions, too.  Y’all know that.  But after a while, I found myself searching for some humor in all this.  Here were some of the more light-hearted tweets/ facebook comments that kept me sane, last night.

Lets talk about what’s REALLY important — the new season of Arrested Development. – Daniel Latulade

I’ve hired a body language expert to come watch me during the#debate to see how I really feel. – @DaneCook

“Hypothetical question, let’s say Israel calls you up and they say ‘we need all your hummus.’ What’s your move?” ‪#BetterDebateQuestions –@azizansari

Which new Taylor Swift song is your favorite? ‪#BetterDebateQuestions @AbbyLJohnston

(Carly Hill weighing in – My answer to this, by the way is “22”)

I don’t love teachers. #NotTrue #ILoveTeachers #NotAllOfThem #YouKnowWhoYouAre  #MissZambrano –@DemetriMartin

Obama and Romney should open the next debate with a really well-rehearsed rendition of that “God, I Hope I Get It” song from A Chorus Line. –  ‏@SethMacFarlane

All funny hashtags aside, this political stuff – as repetitive and sometimes infuriating as it is – really matters.

I heard opinions from liberal and conservative media alike that said, of the two candidates, one man appeared desperate to get votes and the other appeared relaxed and poised.  Although liberal media polls gave Obama the win, they agreed that Romney was the candidate who appeared more relaxed and confident.

Despite poll numbers, many conservatives gave Romney the win – attributing Obama’s so-called-victory to his focus on attacking Romney.  Paul Ryan was on Good morning America, reiterating what Romney said during the debate – that the President used the debates as a means of attacking Romney – rather than laying out a vision for the future of America– a tactic that is convenient for someone without a successful record to run on.

Florida Senator, Marco Rubio said that Romney appeared Presidential and Obama appeared petty.  Rubio pointed out that there was a question about Iran’s nuclear program and Obama responded with a piddling answer about how Romney had some investment with a Chinese company that did business with Iran – something that had nothing to do with the important issue of Iran.

This debate wasn’t all that enlightening.  We obviously all want the same things – a safe America, less unnecessary wars, strong allies, etc.  I think Romney did a good job of pointing out how the state of the Middle East shows Obama’s failure in handling foreign affairs.  I’m glad that he took the high road, dismissing many of the President’s catty accusations and focusing on using his air time to tell America how he’ll lead the country, as it relates to foreign policy.

The air has been pulsing with politics for months.  If you’ve been paying any attention to the campaign, you’ve probably made up your mind by now.  So, cast your vote and try not to stress. God is in control.  Keep fighting for what you know is right.  And, when things get too intense, look to your twitter feed for some comic relief.

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