Millionaires Favored by Obama with Corporate Welfare because of SuperPACs?

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First, what is a bundlerPeople who gather contributions from many individuals and present it to a campaign as one lump sum. Lobbyists often assist with bundling (also known as PACs).

Business Insider compiled some of the most interesting bundlers. In Hollywood, pop star Gwen Stefani bundled $500,000; Harvey Weinstein, whose movie about the bin Laden raid had originally cast Mitt Romney as a villain, raised more than $500,000; and Spike Lee raised between $200,000 and $500,000. They have been some of Obama’s most prominent supporters that have used their celebrity to promote his reelection.

Robert Wolf, the former chairman and CEO for UBS Group who left the company after the board disapproved of his public support for Obama, raised at least $500,000.

David Cohen, the executive vice president of Comcast, and his wife Rhonda raised $500,000 or more. Comcast owns NBC.


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