iPads Becoming Education System Staple

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A math instructor at Innovation Middle School, Julie Garcia is one of the first to use some of the more than 25,000 iPads the San Diego Unified School District bought from Apple this year.

“We’re moving away from desktops and laptops,” said James Ponce, the superintendent of theMcAllen Independent School District in Texas. “Ninety percent of the work is now being done on mobile devices.”

“Once these tablets get in to the $200 to $300 range we are going to see a real aggressive uptake in the K-12 market,” said Vineet Madan, a senior vice president at McGraw-Hill Cos. (MHP) education unit.

While some teachers have resisted the new technology, many are adapting because they see students are increasingly fluent with touch-screen-based technology, said Courtney Browne, a technology resource teacher at San Diego Unified School District.

“Education is changing and it can’t just be the teacher up there talking,” she said. “It’s not just about the stuff; it takes the teacher to be able to use them.”

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