Indoctrination through the back door

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I can remember days in my young(er) years when my dad would play old cartoons and movies from when he was a kid in our underground living room in Kentucky. Bugs Bunny provoking the wild shots of Elmer Fudd. Daffy Ducks feet flying in front of him spitting words of rage. And tweety bird flying around grannies house mocking the clumsy Sylvester. All these and countless more memories from the age old cartoons.

In my current day, ten years later, I have not only seen the decay of these timeless shows. But the replacement of them with vulgar ‘new and improved’ cartoons I find even my brothers and sisters watching.

Certain organizations and people have taken the time to edit all images of smoking and drinking out of older cartoons because they find it to be encouraging the idea that drinking and smoking is what the ‘cool cats’ and the ‘good guys’ do. In certain respects I can understand this. There solution however is much worse then the problem.

Cartoons in modern times have innuendo, obscene images, vulgar bodily humor, profanity, even homosexuality in some instances. They some how find a bunny drinking a bottle with a ‘xxx’ on it more repulsive then a boy rubbing his tongue on the inside of a young girls mouth. They would prefer to show kids sexual images in much more vivid color and images.

Stepping back from morals or beliefs for a minute lets examine the issue they present. Smoking is bad because it can cause addiction, cancers, and lung problems. Key word is can. In homosexual relationships you have an extremely high chance of getting HIV which will result in death without a doubt. In pre-marital relations you have a very high chance of getting STD’s. Or pregnant before you’re mature enough, either a child will effect you emotionally, or will result in abortion which has health risk beyond what I can list. How does a health conscience society as ours not see such self harm wrong?

This goes for T.V. in general. The gay guy is always the fun, nice, sensitive, charming, and wise one. Solving everyone’s problems, or bring them together. I don’t wish to come across as homophobic because I see there sins equal to mine, however I don’t morally support it or find its affects positive. Every other media image outlet says the opposite.

It’s indoctrination through the back door. If a teacher would pray in school, he would be fired in a heartbeat. But television companies and there writers air there ideas every week. And kids are laughing along to the profanity. I tend not to be conspiratorial, but it seems obvious an agenda is being pushed to replace older ways with new and supposedly improved ones.

I think most of us can see where new ways have left us so far. This ‘do what you feel’ attitude has left children scared and broken, and is slowly killing our nation.

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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