Formerly Denounced “Politics of Insult” – Now Increasingly Aggressive

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Whether it’s with cute turns of phrase like “Romnesia” or more serious invective, the president’s campaign has gotten increasingly aggressive over the last few weeks in its denunciation of Mitt Romney. Four years ago, then-candidate Barack Obama decried what he described as “the politics of insult.”

“You don’t deserve a bunch of name-calling,” he told a Virginia crowd in the summer of 2008. “You don’t deserve a bunch of mudslinging.”

In a Rolling Stone article, writer and historian Douglas Brinkley said that editor Eric Bates told the president that when he asked his six-year-old daughter if she wanted to say anything to Obama, she said: “Tell him: You can do it.”

According to the piece, Obama then said: “Kids have good instincts. … They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bullsh–ter, I can tell.'”

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