DRs Give Up on Teen Too Quickly to Harvest Organs

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Last October, Carina Melchior was admitted to hospital with severe injuries and slipped into a coma. Doctors advised her parents that there was little chance for her survival, that brain death would probably occur within days, and suggested withdrawing life support and making preparations for organ donation.

The parents agreed, and Carina was taken off her respirator but continued to breathe on her own.

To the astonishment of her parents and hospital staff, Carina suddenly began moving her legs and opening her eyes.

Carina’s father, said, “Those bandits in the white coats gave up too quickly, because they wanted an organ donor.”

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Claire is an editor of the YoungPatriots website. A 20-something mom, her main concern is how the decisions made in government today will affect the lives of her children when they're her age. She believes passionately in a limited government, a charitable church and a peaceful personal life. In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.
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