Divisive political tweet #cleverhashtag

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Divisive political tweet #cleverhashtag

What do you usually talk about with your friends?  Sports…movies…celebrity gossip?  Apart from you Policial Science snobs, let’s face it -people our age don’t typically like to talk politics.  You want “likes” and “retweets,” not hate replies, right?  Here is what most of our tweets usually look like:

“Pumpkin Spice Lattes > everything.”

“TGIF!  Party time!”

“Ow!  I just slammed my finger in the door!”



Simmer down, now.  I’m not knocking hash tags or Pumpkin Spice.  In fact, most of my tweets probably look a lot like those, but do you think maybe there should be a little more #stirringthepot in today’s political climate?

It’s hard to talk openly about politics because there are so many different opinions. I’ve been asking people “what is the most important issue to you?”

Most of us would probably say that the economy is the big issue, but one of my friends just said to me, “The biggest issue in this election isn’t the economy or jobs or social issues.  It’s the definition of government.”

He’s right.

If you don’t know much about foreign policy, or social issues, or the economy, you might not know who to vote for.  Or maybe you’re just not so sure where you stand.  If the issues don’t affect you personally, it’s harder to form an opinion.  I mean, think about the death penalty.  If you’ve never been victim to a violent crime, you might say, “The death penalty is cruel.  No one should have their life taken from them.”  But, people who have witnessed the murder of a loved one might, understandably, have a very different opinion on the topic.  The same goes for gay marriage.  I’m guessing that Ellen Degeneres probably bases her vote on social issues, because gay rights are clearly of high importance to her.

If you’re not sure where you stand, let’s break it down.  The Obama-nators think that the government should spend tax dollars to create jobs, provide healthcare, give food stamps, etc.  The Romn-ivours think the private sector should run the show and that many decisions should be handled at the state level.  The way I see it, Obama = government dependency.  Romney = independence/FREEDOM.  This is your main decision to make:  big or small?  Dependence or freedom?

I think that Obama has divided us.  I want to live in the United States of America, not the Divided States of America.  Romney served as Governor of Massachusetts with a legislature that was 87% Democrat.  He was still a success.  Watch this testimony given at the RNC by Jane Edmonds, former Secretary of Workforce, who worked for Romney.  She is a liberal democrat.

During Wednesday’s debate, Romney said, “…we have to have a president who can reach across the aisle and fashion important legislation with the input from both parties.”  His record shows him to be more than capable of doing that.

Political disagreements have always gotten people riled up, but this election is extra-important.  I really believe that Romney will not only get us out of this financial crisis, but also be a man who will bring us together as a country, despite our differences.  You may disagree with me, but its better to have an opinion, than to have no opinion and let other people decide what kind of country you’re going to live in.

What do you think?  Tweet me what issue you’re basing your vote on – @CarlyDHill

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