Diversity Teacher Attacks Conservatives

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Though Prof. Giovanni is a strong advocate for racial diversity on campus, her abhorrence to diversity of thought was heard loud and clear by attendees of the Center for Student Diversity’s event: “There is a reason we’ve had and have always had colleges of the liberal arts and liberal sciences,” said Prof. Giovanni. “We do that because we don’t need colleges of the conservative arts and superstitions!”

Prof. Giovanni used her platform to berate conservatives, libertarians, financially successful Americans, pro-life individuals and 2nd Amendment advocates, among other groups. What part of that fulfilled Towson’s Center for Student Diversity’s mission of creating an environment conducive to understanding and dialogue?

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Claire is an editor of the YoungPatriots website. A 20-something mom, her main concern is how the decisions made in government today will affect the lives of her children when they're her age. She believes passionately in a limited government, a charitable church and a peaceful personal life. In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.
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  • William Niemi

    I was in a college of Liberal Arts but majored in science. I think “liberal’ means something different than it’s use today. I also have a PhD in science, but only took one undergraduate course in philosophy and therefore I don’t claim to have a degree in philosophy. We could argue about the real meanings of liberal vs conservative. I think Prof. Giovanni is neither, unreasonable is a better characterization of her thinking.