Christians and Halloween

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Ah, Halloween, how many memories you do pose on me. From eating so much of the free candy you bring me I became sick, to standing in the frosty air helping children dress as Superman and princesses onto blow-up slides, and the smell of freshly carved pumpkins (that my dad loves so much) all lit-a-glow on my front porch.

I hate to admit it because it mostly do hate this day. But this day poses more significance than any other for Christians (who this article will mainly be for) along with how we can use this day to change our culture, as we should try everyday.

Today our church will be having a ‘Trunk or Treat’. Supposedly this is the solution to satisfying our urge to participate in ‘Trick or Treating’ which the church has figured is the activity the Devil condones and funds with his humble servants dressing and acting in his manner ringing door bell to door bell, looking for something sweet to eat. Every time I hear churches doing festivities as this and in its likeness; I hear a sweet old ladies trembling, breathy voice sitting me down and saying “Sonny, you know trick or treating is from the devil. Now go out into our parking lot in your non-offensive, non-scary costume and Trunk or Treat!” I hope you find this as laughable as I do.

Christians are a funny group of people. We endlessly invent new ways to fit the world into our lives, while ignoring the fact that we are passing up an awesome opportunity to change the world. Because the holidays we’ve invented turn into pagan celebrations. Which is a bit redundant, think about it; We’ve re-shaped the holiday we’ve invented that have become evil, so we can celebrating them, but also separate ourselves from the evil parts. Most don’t even know what Halloween is really about. The word Halloween comes from Hallow-evesor ‘All saint’s day’. On this day Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the churches door thereby starting the Reformation, and shaking the Christian and Western world. I have confidence you have a basic idea of Martin Luther and the story of the Reformation. If not, you can always “Wiki it!” as Dr. Gary North says on occasions.

This should be an amazing celebration of the extension of God’s kingdom. But we’ve separated the world from the church and started having private parties. Instead of putting Christ back into our celebrations.

I love churches that have elaborate enormous public events on this day, they bring in the masses and feed them with sweet things to eat, but also the word of God. They see the power of this day, almost like it’s a second Reformation. They recognize what is wrong with the world, and change it into God’s means. And on top of that, this can be used as metaphor that the serpent’s seed has been crushed. When we see so many people dressed like demons, ghouls, and witches, we should be reminded of how silly and powerless they are by the Cross. That their efforts are futile, and we just give them candy so they feel like they’ve accomplished something. Up in heaven, God laughs at the demon Wannabes’ laugh along.

Every year though, we pass another opportunity to change the world, and choose to have a Hot Dog dinner in our non-offensive, non-demonic costumes. We have a chance to start a second reformation as Luther did hanging his Biblical doctrine to the doors where continual lies were spewed. What are we as Christians going to do? Give a new perspective and make disciples of the nations? Or leave our own ninety-five theses sitting on our desk at home while we ‘Trunk or Treat?

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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