An Important Choice

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An Important Choice

I visit my sister’s dorm when I feel like stepping into a feel-good zone, where worries are pop quizzes and social hour is every hour.  Once you throw your college years into a scrapbook, you put on the weight of the world – in the form of grown-up responsibilities.  Sometimes, I’m just dying to decorate a poster board, instead of balance a budget.  Being carefree is a beautiful thing, but there are certain realities that we all have the responsibility to address –whether we are 18 and just starting out or 25 and learning how to be real grown ups.  Being in that carefree zone with my 18 year old sister the other night, I was surprised to get caught up in something important – a pro-life/pro-choice discussion.  Dawn, 20, said that Romney scares her because she thinks that he is making us lose our freedom of choice (in regards to “women’s rights”).

She was unaware of what just happened at Hobby Lobby – a business owned by a Christian who lost his freedom of choice  when the Obama administration gave government orders for businesses to give insured employees contraceptives and abortion coverage.

Pro-choice activists say, “Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.”  Rare.  If they truly believe that abortion is not taking a human life, then why should it be rare?  They should say “safe and legal.”  These so-called “lumps of tissue” have heartbeats and their own unique DNA, but nobody wants to talk about that – especially freshmen who are cramming for a Calculus exam.

Even President Obama said that he doesn’t know when life begins.

In this video, Rick Warren is interviewing Obama, asking, “At what point does a baby get human rights?” Obama responds, “…answering that question with specificity, is above my pay grade.”

So, if our president, who has continually supported abortion (even late-term abortion), says that he is not sure when life begins, shouldn’t he err on the side of life? My dad said he thinks that every politician who supports abortion should be required to witness at least five of them.

Abortion is such a frightening reality; I can’t even believe that it’s a conversation.  We, America’s youth, are so distracted with making good grades, and going to parties, and getting married, and having babies, that we’re not doing anything about it!  We’re turning our heads.  By remaining silent, we are making a CHOICE to do nothing.

I know that the people who have abortions aren’t violent psychopaths.  They are afraid of a social stigma – afraid of a responsibility – afraid of what people will say.  They don’t understand the gravity of this choice they are so set on making.  They think that abortion is their quick fix.

Wouldn’t you rather live with the temporary stigma of an unplanned pregnancy than the crushing reality that you ended the life of your child?  This topic is sensitive and saddening, but it is crucial that we get involved.  If you or someone you know has had an abortion, you can look into counseling at your church or visit websites like this one that offer hope to women who have had abortions through books, forums, websites, etc.  Whether or not you have faith, making a mistake, even one as grave as abortion, is not the end of the road for you.  Not only can you find comfort, forgiveness, and hope in the encouragement of others and through your local church; you can also make a huge difference by speaking with young women about your story and by teaming up with different organizations to spread awareness about the reality of abortion and the consequences of it.  No matter what your path has been, you can make a difference!

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