Shrugging shoulders at genocide

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In 10th grade, we had to read a book called “Roaring Lambs:  A Gentle Plan to Radically Change Your World” by Bob Briner.  It’s about how to be a Christian and a culture-shaper in a country where Christians are meek and quiet and the rest of the world is free to speak their mind.

Sashley Cardenas was in my class.  I have 800+ Facebook friends and she is one of the only ones who defends God and stands up for our country’s foundation (one of the only ones who is under 30, anyway).    I sent her a message to thank her for being brave and saying things that are unpopular in our culture right now.

We are living in a time when defending the institution of marriage is called “hate speech.”  We are living in a time when our money is going toward genocide of unborn babies – being performed in the strip malls where we get our Quiznos.  And, we’re silent.

Here’s what Sashley has to say:

“This election is crucial because it’s not about politics, it’s about our faith!  And we need to stand up and be bold Christians and obey God.  We cannot let humans define marriage for us, or tell us it’s ok to kill.  Psalms 139:13-17 All babies have a purpose and its not up to us to choose that.  It’s up to our Creator!  Also, if you go back to the Old Testament, you see it over and over again, how to lord would warn Israel about making idols and straying from His Word and what would happen to them.  They always ended up destroyed or in captivity, etc.  I have been very blessed to have been attending a Bible study group since January and have grown so much in knowledge about our Creator, and I’ll tell you one thing – He likes for us to obey.  He doesn’t like for us to make our idols and we have as a nation let “our rights” become “our idol.”  The reason I say this is because since we all have “rights,” we have taken God out of our schools, courts, and public places because we don’t want to insult others.  Well, this country was founded on freedom of religion and speech yes, but it was also founded on Biblical principles and our constitution makes Biblical references.  That’s why we can’t stay quiet!  Because we cannot let greedy human beings define marriage and many other things for all of us, in this country.”

We have a lot of bad examples of outspoken conservatives – activists who stand for what is right, but in the wrong way.  Conservatives who take righteous anger and convey judgment to an either oblivious or mocking culture.  We have a right to be angry.  Our country is slapping God in the face and to stand by and do nothing is wrong.  We need to love, but speak the truth.  The truth makes people angry and the truth can make you lose Facebook friends and actual friends.  But, truth is truth.  No one in their right mind would stand by silently and watch a child be killed.  That would be evil.  But, somehow, we are content to stand by silently and shrug our shoulders at the issue of abortion.  It’s not fun to think about or talk about and I’m with you – I would way rather be reading celebrity gossip than abortion statistics.  But, this is our reality.  We’re young.  We’re computer savvy.  We know what all 800 of our Facebook friends ate for breakfast.  Shouldn’t we be using this power we have in social media to stand up for what’s right, even if it steps on some toes?

Thank you, Sashley, for being a young patriot!

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