Obamacare will kill me

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I do not want to die at the hands of our government.” –Maria Sanchez

My dear friend, Maria Sanchez, 27, was diagnosed with the fatal disease, Cystic fibrosis at only six months old.  Raised by two parents who fled the communist regime of Cuba, she was taught early on the value of freedom and hard work.  The family moved to America and worked hard to provide their baby with the very best medical care.

“Insurance companies were probably not thrilled to see me on their roster, considering I can cost up to a million dollars in two years, but we always did our part to pay the most we could in order to receive the best care.  After all, you do get what you pay for and no amount of money was worth more than my life,” Maria said.

When Maria first heard about Obama’s healthcare reform, she thought it too good to be true.  As a full-time student, she would be able to stay on her parents’ insurance plan until she turned 26.  However, during her routine care, she started running into roadblocks that she didn’t see coming.

Even though Obamacare hasn’t officially taken affect yet, the change in health care started back in 2010.  The problem is, there are now 3.1 million people who are back on their parents’ insurance without any additional payments coming from families, so insurance companies are overwhelmed with members and strapped for cash.  Cutbacks have to happen somewhere, and unfortunately this means that people who work for these insurance companies are deciding who receives what care and denying people like my friend, Maria.

Maria was just kicked out of her most recent lung exacerbation – a treatment that she needs, due to insurance issues.

“This vital decision was made by people who have never met me, do not participate in my care, and do not value individuality.”

Maria said, “With any freebie comes a cost.  No longer am I a wife, an individual pursuing my studies, or looking forward to a long life.  Instead, I am a number, a cost, a burden not worth receiving treatment…If cost is the obstacle, in a country full of opportunities, there will never be a problem.  The problem is evident when you have absolutely no control over the care you receive.”

Socialized healthcare sounds nice.  It sounds like “the right thing to do.”  If it were a perfect world where everyone could have free healthcare and free college, man!  What kind of monster would be against that?  The problem is, that it can’t work that way.  When Obamacare officially comes into effect, millions of people without jobs will be seen in your doctor’s offices and hospitals.  Higher income folks will end up footing their bill.  This isn’t just a boo-hoo for rich people.  This will affect everyone.  Doctors are the very people who will have to pay these skyrocketing taxes – the very people expected to treat millions of new patients.  These taxes will also be coming from entrepreneurs and employers – people that we expect to create jobs for us.  It will cripple the system.   The end result will be that the government will be in control of everyone’s healthcare.  Everyone may eventually get seen, but not everyone will get treated.

Maria concluded our chat saying, “I am voting against Obama.   I look forward to many years under a non-socialistic president.”

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  • 65Rosesauthor

    This article is totally biased and both the interviewee and the interviewer are uninformed.