Obama Campain Flags Spark Outrage

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President Barack Obama’s campaign has sparked outrage and criticism over a campaign flag and a poster which resemble the American flag.  Until recently, you could buy the poster on his website for $35.  It has 5 stripes that look like a 5 year old painted them with the Obama symbol in place of the field of blue.  Obama’s campaign has also made a flag which looks just like the traditional American flag but Obama’s face is on the field of blue where the stars are supposed to be.  Many have decried this on the internet as disrespectful of our flag and disgraceful.  Modifying the flag for your use is not a new thing though.

When Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush were running in 1984 for President and Vice President, they used the flag and replaced the blue field with their names.  The flag was even used wrongfully during George W. Bush’s presidency.  However, detractors are taking this to be one of many examples in which Obama has not shown respect for this country, its heritage, or its flag.

The American Flag (Old Glory) has been the symbol of America since the Revolutionary War and since then the only thing that has changed is the amount of the stars representing the states.  It has represented America, flying over our forts across the U.S. and the world.  It was there to show us that Fort McAllister would never back down no matter what during the War of 1812, it flew in front of Union troops fighting for a united America during the Civil War, it was raised on Iwo Jima when American troops fought long and hard to take the island, and it was raised above the 9/11 debris from those awful attacks.

It has been a symbol of hope and pride, bringing joy to those who want freedom and fear to our enemies.  The flag is therefore considered to be holy, sacred, and an important part of our national heritage.  Obama’s version of the flag changes it and tailors it to his own specific purpose, something that violates the Flag Code.  The Code is a set of rules on how to properly use and display the American flag in a respectful and patriotic manner and it violates Chapter 1, Section 3 and Section 8.

Many Republicans and Conservatives have been angered by this because in their minds, it is disrespectful of the flag to change it like that.  The poster flag and flag have been removed from Obama’s campaign website quietly and when you try and go to the page to buy them, the website just says error.  The lack of apology is not very reassuring to Republicans and Conservatives who believe it to be an example of President Obama’s lack of respect for our nation’s flag.

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Joshua Noble is an 18-year-old pianist that has had a passion for history, theology, and music. Joshua describes himself as "a sinner, saved by grace through faith which is the gift of God." He became a Christian at the age of 6 and has grown to have a deep love and desire for Him ever since. He is currently studying to become a piano teacher, tuner, and performer, but his interest in politics has him open to pursing a political career in the future.
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  • Vrina

    Is there a reason I never saw any comment reference what is considered flag disrespect when the former Republicans changed it for their campaigns? Whether I like Obama or not, perhaps many that call themselves “conservatives” or Republicans certainly do not exhibit what I consider to be Christian values either. For those who have true values, I applaud, but it is evident that when a nation wanted a King like other nations, instead of relying on God, God’s wisdom in advice against this in the problems that would follow are evident. And no comments calling me un-American are acceptable as I have served my country in the Army and Marines as well as have my brother give his life in Vietnam on the 4th of JULY also.