A 16 Trillion Dollar Smile

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You probably won’t find a bigger Conan fan than me.  Okay, I don’t have any Team Coco tattoos and I’ve yet to dye my hair orange, but I watch his show religiously and laugh out loud during every monologue.  I can pretty much predict whether or not he’s going to throw in the string dance.  But, DUDE, what the heck are you doing harassing my girl, Elisabeth Hasselbeck?!

He said, “Who the hell’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck?  She won a reality show?  She didn’t even win!  She was like…fifth!”

Obama and his wife were on The View this week.  I was freshly reminded why people like him so much.  He and his wife are rock stars.  He’s smooth, funny, charming…everything he says sounds so good.  He can literally sit there and talk about our pitiful economy and still make it sound like everything is okay.  So, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the token conservative on the show, dared to ask him a question.  I can see how her question could make someone cringe a little bit.  I mean, she was respectful, and wasn’t mean or anything, but she didn’t hold back or sugarcoat her views.  The first thing she said to Obama and the first lady was how much she wholeheartedly liked them, and she was definitely sincere.  After that, she rattled off a list of statistics from the bureau of labor statistics and U.S. Census – median household income flat lining this year, income gap between the rich and the poor growing to the widest its been in 40 years, and 23 million Americans are out of work.

Then, she said, “Some would ask, is it unfair to assume that Mitt Romney mail fail the middle class when, statistically speaking, they’d argue that your administration is failing the middle class?  How do you respond to that?”

The president skirted the question, in my opinion, by recognizing that the last four years have been tough on people, but that now we’ve got to move forward.  He said nothing… in a very nice way.

After watching the whole interview, I had to remind myself of all the policies that Obama stands for that I disagree with.  In policy, I’m the other end of the spectrum, but I really don’t think he’s an evil guy, wringing his hands together and cackling about the demise of America.  I think that he genuinely believes that socialized medicine, and government-funded programs are the right way to lead the country.  He doesn’t share my moral convictions, or my belief in free enterprise.  During the interview, he said it many times – that he and Romney have two fundamentally different ideas on how to restore America.

It’s true.  Thankfully, our country is still hanging on to its freedom just enough to where we still have a say in which direction we choose.  Read up on the policies.  Don’t be swayed by the cool guy and vote for him just because he sings on stage and drinks beer and seems like a down to earth guy.  A cool person is a cool person, but we need a president who can get us out of this economic crisis.  We need a person who values the sanctity of human life and takes us back to the fundamentals that made our country great.



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