Truth tends to dine alone

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Todd Akin’s future is looking bleak; the comment made about ‘Legitimate rape’ left a hole in his party’s and his own campaign that will never be filled. As far as I can observe from Huffington Post and Fox News, Akin should look into a future of flipping hamburgers for minimum wage.

Even with his apology for his remarks to women’s bodies being able to block pregnancies, The Left found the opportunity to throw Akin (and possibly Republicans altogether) into a pit, making certain they will never see sunlight again.

Akin’s comments showed ignorance, that is without doubt. But aside from the constant onslaught of hatred, rebuttal, and misguided ‘Women’s rights’ comments, Adam Flanders’ abuse toward Pro-family organizations goes almost unheard from the media.

Adam Flanders complained to Vimeo for keeping up pro-conservative videos for ‘Offensive’ content. Vimeo complied and removed the videos. Adam Flanders is a homosexual, registered sex abuser, and has a history of violence toward pro-family organizations.

The aggression makes sense, but is not an excuse for such easy cooperation from Vimeo. Because of the free speech right, the videos were re-posted.

“I think the reason is because we fought back. We did not stay silent. We went very public with what we were doing,” says LifeSightNews.

Adam Flanders filed a law suit for one million dollars against for the videos.

Almost no one knows about a gay activist who is obviously demising the free speech rights of a pro-family web sight. But everyone knows that Todd Akin is demising the rights of a women in case of rape. This however is only one of many cases with the media. You hear about crazy people going into movie theaters and shooting people, but not about people who save lives from having a gun. Such as occurred in Marion county in the internet cafe where armed robbers attempted robbery was foiled by a senior citizen with his polo shirt tucked into the pants far above his waist, packing a revolver. Even with such a great story as this where guns saved lives, I still only hear things such as the man outside the empire state building August 24th. 

I repeat, Todd Akin’s comments were incorrect. But Adam Flanders’ actions aren’t?

Whenever I hear things along these lines, the lyrics of a Conor Oberst song ring in my head. “Don’t ever buy nothing from a man named truth.” The media is no longer providing unbiased news, it’s leverage to push someone’s agenda. Even Fox News proudly wearing the slogan “Fair and Balanced” has disregarded much news that would make their candidate look bad. What we would presume to be truth as it’s presented to us could very well be nothing more than comforting, filtered lies. When the media claims one thing, they could be hiding and disguising the other. 

For the same reason as anything else, the media is constantly in need of checks and balances, along with someone who will say what needs to be said without fear of losing their job or connections. It’s the price that needs to be paid, but as I like to say, truth tends to dine alone. 

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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