Rape shmape?

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GOP Rep. Todd Akin

The country is still in a tizzy over GOP Rep. Todd Akin’s statement about “legitimate rape,” which many Americans interpreted as Akin saying “rape shmape!”

Statistically, 80% of rape victims are in our age bracket – under 30.  What’s more, 1 out of every 6 women claims to have been a victim of this crime. Given that so many are affected, Akin’s careless flub offended people and parties, across the board.

Honestly, I found his humble apology admirable and I happen to agree with his views on abortion – that in the case of pregnancy resulting from rape, the rapist should be punished, not the unborn baby.  However, presidential candidate Mitt Romney was wise to distance himself from Akin – calling his “legitimate rape” comment terrible, insulting, inexcusable, and wrong, even asking him to withdraw from the race for Senate.

Why does everyone want him to withdraw?  Because Democrats are continuing to do all they can to exploit Akin’s statement and bring attention to what they call the “war on women,” coloring voters’ opinion of the Republican Party.  The Obama campaign is targeting young women like you and I, saying they care about us – they will give us choices – they will give us free health care – a pretty way of saying they’ll let us kill our unplanned babies, so Daddy won’t ground us.  These watered-down promises sure sound good to the pregnant, doe-eyed 18-year-old.

In Romney’s interview on “Fox News Sunday,” he said, “Different people have different views (on abortion.)  Two lives are at stake.  There’s a woman’s and a child’s.  I care for both of them.”

Romney also reminds the interviewer that in regards to abortion, men and women have different views.  Despite what CNN tells you, there are conservative women all over the country who are pro-life.

I admire Akin for his firm beliefs and for standing up for what he believes is right, rather than letting his actions be dictated by what will get votes.  However, too much is at stake here for him to stay in the race and continue to be a target for Republican-bashing.  His statement is being linked to Romney.  To the young and/or uninformed, it seems that Republicans don’t care about women or rape victims.  Democrats are running ads that look like Romney’s logo, except they say “Romney, Ryan, Akin.”

Although Obama is currently ranked higher with women at 51%, Romney took the time on “Fox News Sunday” to talk about his support of women, women getting contraception, and reminding people that pro-life women (like us) do actually exist.



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