Crap sandwich…yum!

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Florida Congressman and retired Lieutenant Colonel, Allen West shares his opinion of Obama’s policies saying, “If you’re feeding a person a crap sandwich with a smile, its still a crap sandwich and I think that’s what you see coming from President Obama.  He’s fed America just a load of you-know-what.”

I can remember walking the breezeway of my college campus during last election, talking with my friend about who to vote for.  We grew up together, went to Christian school together, church youth group, etc., so it was shocking to me that she would casually answer that she would “probably” vote for Obama.

“But, Kelly, he is pro-abortion….and anti-capitalism…which means your dad’s big company would get him nowhere…why will people want to work hard if they don’t get rewarded for it?”

She paused, “I don’t know…I just think he’s cool.”

He is cool.  He’s charming and slick and makes things sound so good.  I watched a speech of his one-day, sandwiched between my two very political parents, and said, “I know we’re anti-Obama, but what he’s saying sounds good.”

A lie always looks good though, doesn’t it?  Most people don’t look at a “crap sandwich” and say “bleh!  That looks awful and disgusting and its ruining the lives of everyone around me, but, ah, what the heck?  Gimme some o’ that!”

Here are the facts.  Under Obama’s administration, we have seen “an increase in unemployment, an increase of Americans in poverty, increasing the food stamp rolls, and we’re heading in the wrong direction.”

Friends, lets not be deceived by pretty talk and look at the facts.  Congressman Allen West shared on Fox News that there is too much talk about the Presidents likability and not enough talk about what he has done.  According to West, here are the ingredients of a crap sandwich:

  • Average gas prices have gone up
  • Median family income has decreased by $2-4,000 dollars
  •  In the black community, an 11% decrease in median family income
  • This week, we hit $16 trillion of debt

Let’s be good to our country and ourselves by forgoing the crap sandwich this election.

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